Oxygen reduction system for fire prevention

Under normal circumstances fire can start at any time.
To prevent fire we provide systems that allow
controlled oxygen reduction levels in enclosed areas,
thus ensuring 100% protection of closed spaces and properties,

avoiding secondary damages such as
smoke, water, and destruction of valuable property.

Fire-fighting pumps

Made by PEERLESS USA, one of the world's
leading suppliers of UL/FM firefighting pumps.
Diesel pumps, Electric pumps, vertical turbine
pumps. Manufactured according to the
customer's requirements according to NFPA,
UL / FM standards. ISO9001: 200 quality system
approved. Installed in a room or shipping
container and ready to run.

Rescue and Salvage

Our company represents RESQTEC from the Netherlands,
which is a world leader in developing high-quality
rescue equipment in four areas of expertise:
heavy rescue equipment, built-up areas search and rescue,
aircraft recovery and USAR.

Fire-fighting Systems

Our company has a large selection of products
including fire pumps, foam and water systems,
water and foam monitors, galvanized water tanks,
special fire extinguishing equipment,
fire prevention systems, fire simulation training kits.

Galvanized water tanks

We provide fire-fighting galvanized water tanks,
as well as drinking water tanks approved by
the Israel Standards Institute and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The tanks are galvanized with high quality coat
that enables minimal maintenance and a long life span.
They are installed in the project site in a fast,
modular and safe installation that complies
with the highest quality standards ISO9001, FM, NFPA 22.

Training and demonstration products

Our company provides training and demonstration
equipment that simulates a realistic training
environment for different fire scenarios.
Mobile demonstration products enable safe
practice in real location, instead of in training centers.
Also, training manikins for tactical training such as police,
demonstrations and public order. The manikins are water resistant,

towable and can be run over by a car.

Gahat Systems Ltd

Gahat Systems Ltd specializes in providing advanced solutions for firefighting systems, fire extinguishing foam, galvanized water tanks, safety and rescue equipment, training and demonstration products.
Our products are highly recommended and used in various projects in various industries and meet the highest quality standards of
NFPA, UL / FM, CE, VDS and more.