Universal training manikin

  • Training manikins made in RUTH LEE UK
  • A variety of training manikins for different scenarios: rescue operations,  trauma, chemical / biological hazard, road accidents, sea rescue, height rescue, destruction rescue and a burning house rescue
  • The manikins are water resistance, towable, can be overthrown to 6 m depth
  • The possibility of pouring water into a manikin to cause drowning and emptying water
  • Made of waterproof material
  • Strong manikin body that allows easy operation, high shoplifting, storage, and hanging out to dry
  • The manikin are tough and can be thrown from two stories height
  • Can be ran over by car
  • The manikins is made from fire prevention martial with international standards
  • Variety of Manikins sizes, height and weights: toddler, youth and adult